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Axel Ovesen
School of Rock show director, Berklee College of Music alum, lover of jazz, faithful connoisseur of Pop-Tarts.


With just a little care and creativity, you can make people remember the name of someone nearly forgotten.

Photo: Bartolomeo Vanzetti and Nicola Sacco/Boston Public Library

Here’s To You: An Ode to Sacco & Vanzetti

Hip Hop

My exposure to Hip Hop left me with one important lesson; tell your story and don’t hold any punches.

Photo: Notorious B.I.G./Soul Motivation Records


What I’ve had to learn is that it’s okay for there to not be a reason. It’s okay for the answer to not make any sense, or to not exist at all.

Photo: Sufjan Stevens/Vanity Fair

Axel Ovesen

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